Warranty and Payment Information


A deposit of 50% of the total order is required before any crankshaft or camshaft work is started.

The balance is due when crankshaft is complete and ready for shipping.

If we are assisting a Customer in the purchase of connecting rods, pistons, barrels or an ignition system the full amount of the purchase for these items is required when they are ordered.

A 10% handling charge, including the cost of shipping, will be added to these orders to cover our time in making these purchases.

Payment is required within one month of the crankshaft completion date.  If payment cannot be made during this time period, and no special arrangements have been made for payment, Ed G Cranks reserves the right to re-sell the crankshaft to another customer without refunding the deposit. All prices quoted on the web site for components or services are in
USD (US dollars).

ED G Cranks is a division of 781222 Ontario Limited. This corporation is governed by the laws of Ontario, Canada. Regulations that apply for warranty and/or guarantees in other countries do not apply in relation to products sold by ED G Cranks. Warranty and/or guarantees applied by a third-party manufacturer for purchased items such as connecting rods, pistons, barrels and ignition systems are covered by the suppliers of these products. The language of all correspondence related to problems with a crankshaft or any other items purchased from Ed G Cranks must be in English. Communication may be made in other languages using Google translate.

Payments can be made using a cheque from a North American, UK or Australian bank. Swift payment (bank transfer), bank draft or PayPal can be used from other countries. Our standard terms are that a deposit of half the total amount, excluding shipping, must be made before a crankshaft is complete to match customer requirements. Estimated crankshaft delivery is based on date that a deposit is received and may vary according to the condition of donor crankshafts.

Some crankshaft types, such as those made from BSA A10 crankshafts, take double the normal time to process as condition of donor cranks is highly variable.

When making a payment using PayPal an acknowledgement must be signed indicating that if
problems occur with any product sold by Ed G Cranks that they are governed under the terms of the warranty published on the ED G Cranks web site. The standard PayPal dispute process does not always apply to custom work.


Crankshafts and camshafts built and sold by ED G Cranks are designed for use on BSA, Norton and Triumph street motorcycles manufactured between 1951 and 1980.  Although many of our Customers have used our crankshafts for racing we do not warranty a crankshaft used for racing.

Customers should also recognize that our crankshafts are built using components that are more than 45 years old.  We do whatever possible to improve on original manufacturing quality with better materials and tolerances.  Customers should recognize that third-party components, purchased today, such as sprockets, may be a tight fit on splines and that some sanding and fitting may be required.  See important information about deposits, payment and delivery at the bottom of this page.

When purchasing an ED G Cranks crankshaft and camshafts, the Customer recognizes and accepts that it is made from used components except where noted as new manufacture. Camshafts purchased from third-party vendors are covered under their warranties.  All new material is made from heat-treated 4140 steel.  Camshafts may be made from new material or are re-manufactured using original components which is noted when purchase is made.  All cranks are checked for cracks or other defects before they are used to create a custom offset or other crankshaft.  We do the best we can, using these components, and can only guarantee the quality of the welding, heat treating, grinding and final journal surface polishing.

We guarantee that the balance factor is correct if original components, as identified by the customer, for the crankshaft when it is ordered and balanced, are used.  A balance factor of 50% is used for most crankshafts unless a customer specifies that another balance factor should be used. The customer must supply accurate weights for piston, wrist pin, piston rings and cir-clips and guarantee that weights are equal for each piston.  The customer must specify the type of connecting rod that will be used (stock, MAP steel, R&R steel or aluminum alloy, Thunder Engineering, Carrillo steel or other brands) and weigh these rods according to information provided to ED G Cranks by the Customer.

Since we have no control how these crankshafts are used, what modifications are being made to an engine (beyond stock condition) or the skill of the person assembling an engine with our components, we limit our guarantee to the replacement of a crank that breaks on the condition that the damaged crank is returned to us, at the owners expense, to determine if a replacement should be made.  Care must be taken when assembling Triumph engines with their Vernier timing gear settings; someone must know what they are doing!  ED G Cranks reserves the right to test a returned crankshaft, or its related components, for the purpose of determining the cause of a failure.  We may refuse to replace a crankshaft that has been obviously mis-used or altered from original supplied condition.  Images are taken of every crankshaft that we ship.