Ignition and Power Systems

Ed G Cranks recommends using TriSpark or Pazon ignition systems. At one time we sold modified Boyer-Bransden systems but these systems never worked as well as the more modern TriSpark & Pazon systems. Boyer-Bransden systems are more then 50 years old while the TriSpark and Pazon systems use newer technology that does not require as much energy to power them. As well, these newer systems do not require a ‘black box’ that must be located somewhere so installation is cleaner. These systems will work with any unit construction British twin, late Norton Atlas and all Norton Commandos. TriSpark sells a magneto replacement unit so that their ignition system can be used with pre-unit engines.

A Norton Atlas points unit can also be used to replace the magneto on a pre-unit BSA or Triumph engine. The shaft must be machined to accept the correct Triumph or BSA ignition drive gear. The Norton Atlas points unit does not require replacement. For more electrical power to drive these systems a 220W 12V alternator made by Alton can replace the stock Lucas 60W 6V generator. A stock Lucas generator can also be rebuilt using a 12 volt field coil from suppliers such as Feked.com or Classic Dynamo and Regulator Conversions. They also supply a voltage regulator to suit these systems and can supplier other generator parts such as bearings and brushes.