Offset Crankshafts for Triumph twins (650 and 750cc)

Cranks are ground, balanced and nitrided to match piston and connecting rod weights. No holes are ever drilled in an Ed G Cranks crankshaft for balancing. We are the only Triumph crankshaft vendor that supplies a balanced crankshaft that is ready to install without modification that is not sold as part of a complete engine rebuild.

Ed G Cranks supplies donor crank components for all Triumph cranks including T140 cranks with 30mm drive and timing side bearing journals. For balancing, the weight of one piston with rings, wrist pin, cir-clips and connecting rod type must be supplied (stock or otherwise). 90 offset cranks are currently available. Drive side journal is offset behind the timing side journal, in the direction of crank rotation, to assist users in finding custom camshafts. Ed G Cranks can also supply a reground, nitrided Triumph camshafts; a limited number of profiles are available. We can recommend other cam suppliers that have more profiles available.

Since Triumph T120 and T140 crankshafts are a popular items we can deliver these cranks within 6 weeks once we have received down-payment and all connecting rod and piston information for balancing. This applies to crankshaft with 1.125" (T120) or 30mm (T140) drive and timing side bearing journals. If custom connecting rods are used we can provide instructions on how to weigh them for balancing. If ordering custom connecting rods from Ed G Cranks they may be delivered directly from the supplier to remove the cost of Canadian import taxes before shipping to a Customer.

An oil filter must be used with all crankshafts as stock sludge trap cavity does not exist. Breather modifications may also be required for pre-1970 engines that do not breath through the primary chain case. All cranks are lighter then stock as well as having less inertial weight. Our cranks are also smaller in diameter so there are no problems with camshaft clearance even at lifts around .600" (as used on some alcohol fueled engines). All crankshafts are balanced to 50% unless another balance factor is specified by customer for an engine that is to be constantly run above 6000 rpm for long time periods. A crank that is balanced for racing, at 40 or 45%, may vibrate like a stock crank below 3000 rpm but will be smooth from 5000 RPM to red line.

All Triumph stock-stroke crankshafts (500, 650 or 750cc) are $1200 USD plus shipping. T140 stock-stroke cranks cost an additional $100 USD. Stroker crankshafts, made from modified Norton crankshafts, begin at $1500; see stroker page for more information. Don't discount improving the performance of a 750 engine with a stock-stroke crankshaft! You'll be racing stock 850cc Nortons with your modified T140; faster off the line and smoother where it counts. If you are using an 830cc Puma (or similar) barrels) you'll have a +900cc rocket! Shipping within North America approximately $85 USD or less. Overseas shipping prices about $235 USD. Return to home page for ordering instructions under the Payments & Warranty link.

All 76 degree cranks cost $300 USD more then quoted prices shown below

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500cc Offset Crankshaft

650/750cc T120/T140 Crankshaft

89mm Stroke Triumph Crankshaft

$1200 USD

$1200 USD

$1500 USD

Standard Offset Crankshafts

Standard Crankshaft Repair

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