Triumph 500 Crankshafts
Triumph 500 crank with lightweight flywheel. This crankshaft will improve the performance of a 500 in two ways; it will be very smooth and have as much power as a stroked 500cc engine. The crankshaft shown in above image is for a post-1968 engines with a timing side ball bearing and a direct oil feed to the crank. Crankshafts that use the earlier BSA-like oil feed through the bushing can also be offset. It is also possible to stroke a 500 crank by 5mm using a 2.5mm (.100") stroker plate but custom-length push-rods are required. If a 530cc barrel can be found you may have a 500 that is close to 600cc remembering that lower compression pistons must be used because of the increased stroke.

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