Standard Crankshaft Rebuilding
We repair and rebuild standard British crankshafts!

One of the services we provide is the re-conditioning of standard (not offset) British crankshafts. This includes regrinding, sludge trap removal and options for heat treating and balancing. We have many BSA and Triumph crankshafts on-hand but the customer must send us their Norton crankshaft for repair. Shipping within North America is around $80 USD to most mainland locations. This service is only available in Canada and the USA unless an overseas customer is prepared to cover shipping costs that are more then $250 USD plus whatever import taxes may be required at their end.

Reground BSA, Norton or Triumph crankshafts

Reground BSA or Triumph crankshaft that is nitride heat treated*

Balancing BSA, Norton or Triumph crankshafts

$275 USD

$375 USD

$325 USD

*Send us an E-mail message for pricing on heat treating Norton crankshafts

Standard Offset Crankshafts

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