Pre-Unit T110 Stroker Bottom End

T110 bottom end with T140 barrels and pistons with Norton 89mm stroke crankshaft. This Triton-ready engine has a displacement of about 875cc. Includes camshafts and cases with needle-roller bearing camshaft bearings, bearing shells, ceramic coated pistons and breather modifications. Crankshaft is fully balanced so engine only needs your T140 head, rocker boxes, pushrod tubes, pushrods and fasteners to complete Delivery is about 3 weeks from date that full amount is received. $2600 USD . Ask us about shipping options including information on reducing import charges to your country. Can be shipped fully assembled or in separate pieces to suit customer requirements. Shipping in separate pieces or as complete bottom end is the same price.
Norton Crankshaft In Australia
Norton touring crankshaft special for Australia & New Zealand customers as matching camshaft is already in Australia. This crankshaft is lighter then stock, for improved acceleration, with a full-circle flywheel designed for BMW air-head smoothness with a solid mounted Atlas or an isolastic mounted Commando engine. Crankshaft and camshaft available at special price of $1350 USD including shipping to an Australian address to your location. This crankshaft is fully balanced, using your piston and connecting rod weights. Delivery is about 2 weeks from date that full amount for crankshaft, camshaft and bearing shells is received.

Unground Triumph 500cc unit crankshaft with cams
Unground, heat-treated, Triumph unit 500 crankshaft package that includes camshafts, bearing shells and balance weights for shipping to UK, EU or Australian address. No other Triumph 500 cranks will be made once this crankshaft and cam set has been sold.

This crankshaft can be ground and balanced by your local service providers to reduce the cost of paying import duties on a finished crankshaft and cam package. This package, if ground and balanced, is normally $1600 USD. Available at special price of $600 USD plus shipping cost of about $75 (USA) or $175 USD (UK or Australia). This crankshaft will fit 1968 and later unit 500cc with ball timing side bearing. Instructions provided for your grinder and balancer for finishing. Delivery within one week of date that full payment is received for crankshaft, camshaft's, bearing shells and shipping.

Shot-Peened or Polished Connecting Rods
Shot-peened or polished BSA A65 and Triumph T140 connecting rods a) Peened BSA A65 $125 as is or $225 with new, honed, small end bushing b) Peened Triumph T140 $125 as is or $225 with new, honed small end bushing c) Polished Triumph T120 $150 as is or $250 with new, honed small end bushing All prices USD. Shipping to any USA or Canadian address about $40 USD. Shipping to UK, EU, New Zealand or Australia is $80 USD.

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