Norton Crankshafts (650, 750 & 850)

All crankshafts are welded, ground, nitride heat treated and balanced to your requirements. Ed G Cranks supplies donor crank components for all Norton cranks except electric-start 850's; a donor crank is required for this crankshaft. For balancing the weight of one piston with rings, wrist pin, cir-clips and connecting rod type must be supplied (stock or otherwise). If another connecting rod is being used Ed G Cranks will send you a specification sheet that gives you instructions on how to obtain the weight of the connecting rod for balancing purposes.

Standard Norton offsets include 90 & 80 degrees. Other offsets available upon request using full-circle flywheel or lightweight version (see flywheel images). Sludge-trap access plugs available at additional cost as noted below. The 93mm stroke option is recommended for 750cc engines as lower compression pistons are readily available but may be harder to find for 850 engines. This makes a 750 Norton with +.040" over pistons about 780cc compared to a standard stroke engine, with standard pistons, which is 725cc. This minor stroke change requires a 2mm spacer plate. The drive side journal is offset behind the timing side journal, in the direction of crank rotation, to assist users in finding custom camshafts. Drawings are supplied to crankshaft purchasers to assist them in having a custom camshaft ground by most camshaft suppliers such as Megacycle, Johnson or Newman.

Ed G Cranks can also supply a re-manufactured camshaft - see cam page for more information on the Camshafts page. A custom cam can also be ordered from a reputable supplier using drawings that we will send to a crankshaft Customer. An oil filter must be used with all crankshafts as sludge trap cavity is no longer accessible. All cranks are lighter then stock, and are slightly smaller in diameter, so they have less inertial weight. Atlas and Commando cranks are balanced to 50% unless another balance factor is specified by customer such as used for high RPM racing engines. A racing engine may use a balance factor of 40% for best smoothness above 6000 rpm but it will vibrate a lot below 3000 rpm.

76 or 80 degree cranks cost $300 USD more then quoted prices shown below

Full flywheel offset crank

Add sludge trap plugs

Lightweight crank

92mm stroke





All prices in USD plus shipping. Shipping within North America $85 or less. Overseas shipping about $230

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