Lightweight Norton Flywheel Details

Norton lightweight flywheel components before welding. This crank is designed for regular street riding and short-track racing where corner acceleration is important. This crankshaft will accelerate faster then an equivalent full-circle offset crankshaft engine with the same modifications such as camshafts, bore size and compression ratio. This crank is not as smooth as the full circle flywheel crankshaft but it is still a lot better then a stock Norton crankshaft. Please inform us of the RPM range that you would like your motorcycle to be smoothest so we can recommend the best balance factor. It is also useful to know the engine type (Atlas or Commando) and how the engine is mounted (solid or Isolastic). Norton light-weight crankshafts will be dis-continued on September 1, 2016.

Lightweight flywheel detail. Counterweight is added after crankshaft is ground by the balancers as shown in the next image. CNC machined pocket matches up with hollow part of Norton big end journal. No holes are ever drilled in an Ed G Crank for balancing purposes.

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