Ignition and Power Systems

Ed G Cranks stocks some ignition systems. We also can provide you with information on where to purchase or how to modify a system to suit your requirements. Ignition systems for offset crankshafts are available from suppliers such as Pazon, Tri-Spark and Power Arc(see the Links to stuff we like page). These systems will work with any unit construction British twin, late Norton Atlas and all Norton Commandos. We are currently experimenting with Dynatek Ignitions and Morris Magnetos.

Pre-unit ignition systems are more complex in that you have to replace the stock magneto. Pazon sells a magneto replacement system that can be adjusted for offset crankshaft ignition. A Norton Atlas points unit can replace the magneto or distributor to mount the ignition rotor and stator from the a Boyer, Pazon, Tri-Spark or Power Arc system. For more electrical power to drive these systems a 220W 12V alternator made by Alton can replace the stock Lucas 60W 6V generator. Ed G Cranks is still working on adapting a Dynatek single-fire DSPT programmable ignition system, originally designed for Harley-Davidson Sportsters, but this task is moving slowly.

Boyer-Bransden igniton systems can be modified in various ways as well. One method involves modifying the rotor and stator plate. Another method involves using a modified stator with four pickups and two ignition units. These systems are inexpensive as complete ignition systems are often available at swap meets for less then $50. We have a fixture that can accurately modify a stock Boyer-Bransden stator plate to mount additional pickups. If you pay for mailing charges both ways we will drill your stator plate without charge and provide instructions for wiring this system.

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This page constantly under construction as we test new ignition systems and suppliers.

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