BSA Modified A10 crankshaft

The image above shows an A10 crankshaft that can be used in an A10 or A65 engine. A crank built for an A65 engine includes the alternator mount (not shown) with key-way. Note Mallory metal plug used to add more weigh to the pork-chop cheek of the crankshaft. A modified A10 crankshaft (the width of the crank is different from an A65), with an 84mm stroke can be used with a SRM 750 kit. They can give you advice on the pistons that can be used with stock-length BSA connecting rods or custom connecting rod sets that they sell. Combined with a cam profile that emphasizes mid-range performance this BSA can run with a 21 tooth primary drive sprocket without impacting the fast acceleration feature of an Ed G Cranks offset crankshaft.

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